About Us

Our Mission

“To make writing elegant code effortless.”

We believe that there exists an elegant solution to every coding challenge.  We are committed to helping others find that elegant solution.  An elegant solution not only relieves the immediate symptoms but treats the underlying cause in a way that is sustainable.  We do this by helping our customers create a culture that believes in finding an elegant solution and a process that makes that as easy as possible. It is human nature to take the easy path.  We strive to create a world where the easy path is the elegant solution.

Our Coaches

Sam Taggart is a CLA, CPI, CTD and LabVIEW Champion. He was been using LabVIEW for almost a dozen years. He cut his teeth running a lab in the Science and Technology Center at Westinghouse Electric Company. While there he led a small team that designed various testing and monitoring systems for nuclear power plants. Since those days he has continued using LabVIEW on a variety of projects, such as testing soil samples and calibrating flow meters. He has also taught several classes at Colorado School of Mines as well as various LabVIEW classes for NI. Sam is also an international speaker. He has spoken at the European CLA Summit in Madrid and GDevcon in Cambridge, in addition to appearances at NI week and various other NI sponsored events. You can see several of his presentations by clicking on “Resources” in the top menu bar.