December 2019 Webinar

software engineering unit testing webinars Nov 13, 2019


December 11 11:00am MT

I need to add a feature but it is too hard.

Refactoring can help! Refactoring is the art of taking existing code and waking it easier to understand and modify without actually changing it’s behavior. Why? Friction. Code is read more often than it is written. Every day we grow and learn new techniques and better ways of doing things.

This Webinar Is For

  • Developers who simply want to write better software and make improvements to their existing code.
  • Architects who are looking for ways to make their software more flexible without building in added complexity upfront.
  • Project Managers who notice that adding features takes longer than expected.

What you will learn

  • The basic idea behind refactoring
  • The basic process of refactoring
  • Some refactorings you already do
  • How mastering refactoring can improve your development process

There are limited seats so please RSVP and reserve your seat today!

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