Foundations of Information Security

I’ve always had an interest in cybersecurity. By listening to Security Now and the Darknet Diaries podcasts, I’ve learned a lot. But I’ve never had any real formal security education. This book is a great introduction and overview of information security.

Foundations of Information Security reads like it could be the textbook for a college overview class on cybersecurity. It covers a wide range of topics at a pretty high level. Thourgh 14 chapters it covers a wide range of topics. These include Authentication, Cryptography, Compliance, OpSEC, OSINT, physical security, network security, and IOT security. I didn’t learn a whole lot of new things from thisn book, but it did put things in a different perspective and gave me some new terminology.

As a LabVIEW programmer, I feel like most LabVIEW programmers don’t take security very seriously. I think it is something that we need to give a little more thought to. Reading a book like this just gives you a very broad picture of the things you should be thinking about. There aren’t any real recipes for solving specific problems, but it will make you more aware. It’s also very useful in dealing with the IT department. Being aware of some of the issues they are concerned about and able to speak their language probably goes a long way towards buying you some goodwill.

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