LabVIEW Mastermind

When it comes to becoming a better LabVIEW programmer, finding information is easy. In addition to the many local LabVIEW User Groups, there are the CLA Summit, GdevCon, and the Champions/SEPAD track at NI. If you can’t make it in person many of those presentations are recorded and readily available along with a variety of other YouTube Channels. There’s also the LabVIEW Wiki, LAVA, the NI forums, and a variety of blogs. Then there’s a whole tome of software engineering literature.

However, becoming a better programmer requires more than simple information. If that were the case all the attendees at NI week would be master LabVIEW programmers simply from sitting in on a session or two. We have to transform the way we think about writing code. We have to view ourselves as craftsmen instead of hack. We have to make an effort to implement all the new ideas we absorb. We can’t do that alone. It takes a group of us who are committed to helping each other grow. We need a place we can turn to for personalized help and advice. We need a safe place where we can admit that we don’t know it all and don’t have it all figured out. That is what I am trying to create with the LabVIEW Mastermind Program.

Here are some videos, from our initial meeting to help give you an idea of what it is all about.

If you are ready to join us and begin the journey to becoming a craftsperson instead of a code and fix coder, then use the button below to fill out an application.

If you still need more convincing, attend one of our sessions before you decide. Use the button below and I’ll send you a link to our next session.