Rhinoceros Success

This just a fun little book to read. You can’t take it too seriously. I think given what we are living through right now it is very timely for 2 reasons: 1. We could all use a good reason to laugh. 2. It is a good reminder that being proactive and going out and “charging” at things. is sometimes the best way to get things done. Given what is going on it may be easy to sit back and play the victim, but taking action is the only way to really affect what is going on around us.

Basically the premise of the book is to be a rhinoceros. Be hard-charging, go after what you want. Have thick skin and don’t care too much about what other people think or let outside forces derail you. It really is just a silly motivational book, but if you have an hour, I suggest you sit down and read it. You will laugh and you will get up with a little more energy.

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