Start with Why

Simon Sinek rocked the business world several years age with a Tedx talk called Start with Why. He introduced the idea called the Golden Circle which talks about What we do, How we do it, and Why we do it. His thesis is that most people talk about what they do, but people buy based on why we do things. Hence we should start with why when doing marketing.

If you haven’t watched the Ted talk, you definitely should (embedded at the bottom of this post). It will change the way you look at business and marketing (and probably life in general). If you like that then, the book is the logical next step. It takes these same ideas and expounds upon them in a lot more detail and talks about how to apply them to your marketing efforts.

It definitely made me think about why I do what I do. Here goes my best effort:

We believe that writing great software should be fun and not stressful. They key to that is understanding and applying software engineering principles. We teach these principles to scientists and engineers so they can write software to solve life’s great challenges and have fun doing it! We do this through a combination of mastermind groups, workshops, and individual coaching.

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