TDD in LabVIEW using Caraya

I’ve written a lot about Unit Testing in LabVIEW. There are a variety of frameworks. My go-to is JKI VI Tester, but JKI’s Caraya has been gaining popularity lately. I finally had time to sit down with it and practice some Test Driven Development (TDD). This is where you write the tests first. I did the Alarms kata. I decided to record it. Enjoy.

In rewatching the video, I was very clear about the red-green-refactor steps. I wasn’t so clear about each test method and what I was testing. The first test method is just the normal condition ie. the values are close to the set point. The second test method is for the warning case, ie the values are starting to deviate. And the last case is the alarm case where the values have deviated too far.If you’d like to discuss how Unit Testing and TDD can help you or your team write more reliable code faster, give us a call. We’d love to chat.

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