Here is what a few of the people we have worked with have to say:

Sam is a great resource for processes to help improve LabVIEW development. For Original Code, he created a scripting tool that streamlines module development for our software. I was saving valuable time the next day. I would highly recommend Sam for continuous integration, process automation, and LabVIEW in general.

David Thomson
LabVIEW Champion, CLA, CLED
Original Code Consulting

I have had the privilege to work with Sam on several projects. Not only is he brilliant at system integration (and a LabVIEW genius), he has a knack for breaking complex concepts into manageable pieces and executing modular, scalable solutions. He is an out-of-the box thinker and a key asset to any team. Everything he touches is left in a better state, whether it’s technology or process.

Eric Simon
Principal Engineer, CLA
Westinghouse Electric Company

Sam has deep knowledge on the subject of unit testing and how it can be applied to existing and future projects. His ideas are easy to implement and will improve anybodies workflow and project quality. Highly recommended for all architects and developers.

Ryan Good
Advanced Mabile Propulsion Test

The class does a great job of presenting an advanced framework and making it approachable to all levels. Sam has a deep understanding of the framework and software engineering practices that adds to the class content. I found the class to be very helpful. I am already using the skills I picked up from attending.

Ryan Good
Advanced Mabile Propulsion Test

Sam is really focused on improving processes in software development. He provides excellent classes and mentoring on steps that can be taken for us to become better and more efficient at what we do. He also shows you how to make teams more efficient. His training in Test Driven Development can dramatically increase the efficiency of teams as the time spent debugging and correcting issues created in the initial coding can be caught quicker with less work and fixed. This can have the result of reducing your project effort by 40% or better.

Bill Welch
Scenic Systems LLC

Sam provided sharp focus and excellent coaching steps in teaching our class yet took the time to let us take forks in the road to discover other questions we had. His positive outlook and energy motivated us all to approach the class with intense thought and fruitful discussions. Sam’s role as customer quickly formed requirements to focus our efforts on module development and fast completion of our exercises. His wide variety of knowledge is brilliant and resources seem endless when we asked questions. Such a great wealth of all things LabVIEW and looking forward to our next endeavor!

Kevin Shirey

Sam developed a very complex LabView software application for my company. The software he developed is used to control a sophisticated sample processing machine in our lab. We are very happy with the software, which is flexible and has a user friendly GUI. Sam also assisted us with development of the machine’s electrical systems and National Instruments computer hardware.

Roxana Safipour
Newmont Mining Corporation

Everything has been going well! Nothing has really gone wrong for the last few months now. Looks like the machines are as reliable as they’re supposed to be. I’m sure eventually something will come up and we’ll need you again, but until then, I’m enjoying the smooth workflow.

Daniela Athley
Newmont Mining Company