The Zen Of LabVIEW

Simple is better than complex.
Straight wires are better than bent.
We read left to right, let’s wire that way.
BD cleanup is often better than a messy diagram.
White space is your friend as long as everything fits on one screen.
Subvis are also your friends. Use them.
THE VI is usually THE problem.
A good icon is worth a million words.
Thou shalt supply VI documentation.
Unbundle by name always.
Enums and Clusters make great typedefs.
Liberal use of classes and libraries is prudent.
Data flow is better than by reference.
Shift registers or feedback nodes are better than locals.
Action Engines are better than FGVs.
Automatic Error handling should be automatically turned off
Explicit on the block diagram is always better than hidden.
Therefore Express VIs or DAQ Assistant are rarely the best choice.
If all else fails, remember these 2 things:
1. Don’t nag your coworkers, let VI Analyzer do it!
2. Don’t fork the event registration wire!

Inspired by the Zen of Python.

The Zen of Python
Here is the Zen of Python.

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