Upcoming Workshops

Corona Virus Update

Due to the corona virus, we are offering workshops over Zoom. They have all been broken into several Zoom sessions. This provides the added benefit of giving students more time to absorb the material and ​the ability to practice with the material in between sessions so they can ask better questions. We are now contemplating bringing back in person workshops. We don’t have anything scheduled at the moment. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop either in person or over Zoom, let us know via email at sam(@)sasworkshops.com and we can set something up.

We specifically call these workshops and not classes or seminars, because they are very hands-on. That is why we only offer them in person(prior to COVID19. Currently they are all run over Zoom). Workshops are not about us spoon-feeding you information. They certainly have an informational component, but the workshops are more about exploring the various ideas that are presented as a group. Our goal is to help each participant determine how best to apply all of the ideas to their specific situation and achieve whatever goal they set out for themselves at the beginning of the workshop.

Here are our upcoming workshops:

WorkshopDateLocationSignup LinkNotes
Unit Testing WorkshopZoom
DQMH WorkshopZoom
Unit Testing IntroZoom

Custom Wokshops

If none of these meet your needs, feel free to request a custom workshop. We can pick a date and location that meets your schedule. We can also develop custom curriculum around topics of your choosing. There are lots of options. Use the button below to send us an e-mail with what you are looking for and we will work out the details.