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Are you a manager who needs support navigating a new LabVIEW project? Do you need to increase your project bandwidth without a long-term commitment? Or are you a developer looking to take your LabVIEW skills to the next level?

SAS Workshops is here to help you surmount any obstacle with creativity, community, joy- and effectiveness. 

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With the support of the SAS experts, you can tackle any challenge and conquer any project. 

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For Organizations:

When organizations give team members the freedom to work to their unique strengths, something magic happens. That flexibility and creativity will lead to better solutions and happier workers. And after all, happy workers work better. 

For Developers:

By approaching this work as a creative discipline rather than strictly scientific, you'll learn how to make the code work for you, rather than working for the code. It's time to discover how fun and freeing software design can be. 

Developers who work with SAS gain deep confidence in their ability to surmount any problem.

Our unique flexible philosophy and robust toolbox of strategies, tips, and tricks are designed to make your code work for you. 

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What People Are Saying About SAS

David Thomson
LabVIEW Champion, CLA, CLED
Original Code Consulting

Sam is a great resource for processes to help improve LabVIEW development. For Original Code, he created a scripting tool that streamlines module development for our software. I was saving valuable time the next day. I would highly recommend Sam for continuous integration, process automation, and LabVIEW in general.

Eric Simon
Principal Engineer, CLA
Westinghouse Electric Company

I have had the privilege to work with Sam on several projects. Not only is he brilliant at system integration (and a LabVIEW genius), he has a knack for breaking complex concepts into manageable pieces and executing modular, scalable solutions. He is an out-of-the box thinker and a key asset to any team. Everything he touches is left in a better state, whether it’s technology or process.

Ryan Good
Advanced Mobile Propulsion Test

Sam has deep knowledge on the subject of unit testing and how it can be applied to existing and future projects. His ideas are easy to implement and will improve anybodies workflow and project quality. Highly recommended for all architects and developers.

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