CI/CD Workshop


There are two main causes of software bugs: "building the thing wrong" (huh?) and "building the wrong thing" (uh-oh). We can catch these using unit tests and by getting feedback from our customers. Automating these tasks using Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) allows us to catch these bugs earlier when they are easier to fix.

Using CI/CD is simple. Just continue to push your changes to GitLab like normal. The CI/CD pipeline will take care of the rest. While you grab a cup of coffee, all the tests will run and you'll have a package waiting for you, ready to send to your users. Simple. Easy. CI/CD is critical to meeting our SAS goal of "small steps and quick feedback."

Using CI/CD is easy. Setting it up is not. It can be daunting. It doesn't need to be. Our course makes it easy to setup CI/CD. We walk you through the whole process. You'll set up your own GitLab Runner and connect it to the server. You'll walk out with a template project that runs on your machine. By copying and pasting a few files and changing some variables you will be able to setup a fully working CI/CD pipeline for any project within minutes.

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