Our Commitments


So many companies proclaim a set of values and commitments. But at SAS, these aren’t just motivational quotes we put on posters. Instead, they’re deep and meaningful representations of who we are and what we strive for every day. But don’t take our word for it. Watch us work and see it for yourself. 

Our Commitments create an easy-to-remember acronym: CARPALE. If it’s been a while since your high school anatomy class, a carpale is one of the foundational bones of your wrist. For many coders, these small articulating bones are where the rubber meets the road, where the unique ideas and creative solutions to whatever project you’re working on move from thought to reality as those wrist bones dance your fingers across the keyboard. Where would we be without those flexible bones giving us a strong foundation from which to create and build? That’s how we feel about our commitments.